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 We are pleased to provide you with the Huber Heights Athletic Foundation (HHAF) fundís discretionary grant making policy, an application form, and an outline to assist you in submitting a complete application.


HHAF grants are made for charitable purposes that primarily benefit scholastic and athletic projects in the Huber Heights Public Schools System.  The HHAF awards grants in the areas of scholastic excellence, remedial academic enhancements, athletic participation, athletic facility upgrades and extraordinary athletic competitions.

 Additionally, the HHAF may award grants to Huber Heights community and civic organizations when it is deemed to be in the best interest of service to the overall community and substantially support the further economic, societal, scholastic, and athletic development of Huber Heights


Proposals need to include all information requested on the application form.  The information provided is far more important than the form or format.  In writing your proposal, however, keep in mind that people who may not be fully familiar with your project will review it.  Make sure that you fully explain and justify your project and what you hope to accomplish.  Please be as clear, complete, and concise as possible.  Please submit any additional information or attachments as necessary in support of your case.


 Applicants are highly encouraged to present their proposal to the HHAF board in person. 

The HHAF board considers applications on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September and December meetings of each year.  Applications must be received by the HHAF Grant Review Committee not later than the 15th of the month preceding each meeting.  The HHAF reserves the right to review your application with other activities and agencies for additional information that may assist the board in making its decision.  The HHAF board will promptly notify all applicants in writing of its decision. 

Grant Application


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